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Here are the answers to Osceola School District's most frequently asked questions.

Do I need to complete any additional applications for specific programs?

Yes. An additional application for admission is required for the following schools:

  • Celebration High School –IB Programme Only
  • Gateway High School - IB Programme Only
  • Professional and Technical High School (PATHS)
  • Tohopekaliga High School (select programs)
  • Osceola Business Academy
  • Osceola County School for the Arts
  • NeoCity Academy

What are the magnet schools or specialized programs in Osceola County?

IB Programme

The district's International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is offered at Celebration High and Gateway High. IB is a continuum of international education and rigorous assessment that develops the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world.

The IB Programme is also offered at the primary and middle school level at Thacker Avenue of International Studies and Parkway Middle School.

Professional and Technical High School (PATHS)

The district's Professional and Technical High School is a magnet public high school. PATHS students can earn both a regular high school diploma and industry certifications from oTECH. In addition, it is the only Collegiate High School in Osceola County, which enables students to complete two CAPE industry certifications plus earn 30 hours of college credit at Valencia College.

NeoCity Academy

NeoCity Academy's mission is to develop students who believe that the world can be a better place. The school actively engages students in inquiry-driven, project-based learning. The school's partnership with UCF allows students access to courses that are well beyond the limits of traditional high schools. The school offers three pathways: Artificial Intelligence, BioDesign, and Engineering.

Osceola County School for the Arts

Osceola County School for the Arts is a specialized public school serving the needs of the 6-12th grade multi-ethnic, multi-cultural student body through diverse programs and activities that emphasize the arts. This school is considered a choice school that requires an application in addition to an audition or a portfolio. The art majors are as follows: Band, Orchestra, Vocal Performance, Dance, Drama, Technical Theatre, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts. Through the use of research-based methods of instruction, the program provides meaningful and motivational learning. The mission is to provide a community that nourishes and nurtures the personal integrity and creative expression of our students in their pursuit of artistic and academic excellence.

What if my child is not selected for the initial lottery process?

Students who were not selected in the Choice lottery will have their application put on waitlist status. The applications are not declined.  When and if the school has space available, you will be contacted via email and offered a seat. If a student is not selected to attend a Choice program prior to the start of the school year, a new application must be submitted for the following school year.

Will I automatically be registered if I am selected into the program through the lottery?

No. Upon receiving the Choice acceptance notification letter, the parent or legal guardian must register at the school following acceptance into the Choice program.

The Educational Choices and Innovation Department emails the acceptance letters to the approved students, indicating a registration period and additional documentation to secure the seat assignment. All students must comply with the school's procedures and deadline dates to guarantee a spot in the program. Failure to return requested documents or to register at the Choice school will result in forfeiture of the assigned seat.

Can my child automatically get into another Choice program at the same school?

No. All students who wish to participate in a Choice program must submit a Choice application and participate in the lottery selection process.

Can I change my first-choice selection even though my application has already been submitted?

Yes. You may change a selection before the Choice application period closes. However, once it has been closed, you must cancel the application and submit a new one.  The late application will be added to the waitlist.

What is the process for student selection?

The school district combines your student’s top preferences with each school’s admissions priorities and available space. A lottery is held during the month of February and students will be awarded a seat at their highest-preference school with an available seat. Applications that are submitted during the Choice application period are treated identically. There is no priority given to submitting an application earlier in the window.

Do we have a better chance if we list only one school on the Choice application?

No. The number of schools listed on a Choice application will not affect the likelihood of being assigned to any particular school.  We strongly recommend that each student applies to his or her top two preferred Choice schools.

Does it help if the child has a sibling in the School of Choice?

To receive preferences, siblings must apply to the same Choice program or school that their sibling is currently attending and will be attending during the school year.  Siblings applying to the same Choice school should be noted on the application.

Siblings are defined as brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother, or stepsister living in the same household.

Can I submit one application for both of my children?

No. A Choice application must be submitted for each child.

Can I submit a Choice application to a staff member at my child's current school?

No. It is the parent/legal guardian's responsibility to guarantee that your child's application is submitted online or to the Educational Choices and Innovation Department by the deadline.

Is there another way of submitting an application other than online?

Applying online is the most efficient way to submit and manage your child's Choice application. A hard copy of the application is available upon request.

How long does it take to complete the online application process?

Applying for a Choice program is quick and easy for current students of Osceola County Schools. Completing the Choice application via the Focus parent portal will only take a few minutes.

Applicants that are new to the district need to complete a two-step process to complete the Choice application successfully. The process should not take more than 15 minutes.

  1. Create a Focus Parent Portal by visiting
  2. Submit the Choice Application via the newly created Focus Parent Portal

Can I apply to more than one program or school?

Yes. Each Choice application will allow the selection of up to (2) two Choice programs. The selections may be limited, depending on the student's grade level and program.

We live in another county or state but plan to move to the Osceola County. May I still apply?

Yes, all are welcome to apply for School Choice. To apply, visit:


Who can help with the Parent Portal login?

For log-in assistance, contact:

  1. Your child's current school
  2. MITD at 407-870-4669

May I select my child’s school for the 2024 - 2025 school year?

Yes. The Choice Application window is November 2023 through January 2024. Applying online is the most efficient way to submit your child’s application. Below are the different ways to apply for School Choice.

  1. Visit your Focus Parent Portal and click on School Choice Application under your child's name

Families will receive the results of the Choice lottery via email during the month of February 2024.

The applications for late applicants will be placed on a waitlist and processed on a first come first serve basis. Late applicants will receive their Choice status notification letter once a seat becomes available at their requested Choice school.

Do I have to apply every year if my student is not offered a Choice seat?

Yes. If a student is not offered a seat, a new Choice application is required for the following school year. The student will be assigned a new waitlist number during the Choice lottery process if the requested Choice school has more applicants than the amount of seats available.

How can I check the status of my Choice application?

You may log in to your parent portal or visit or and click Check Your Status. If you are unable to check the status online, please email us at

Do I have to reapply for Choice every year?

No. Choice approvals are valid until the highest grade level offered at the Choice school. However, the application becomes null and void if the student withdraws from the Choice school.

Is transportation provided to Choice students?

Transportation is the responsibility of the parent with the exception of certain eligible programs.

What is the difference between Choice Programs and Choice for Capacity?

Choice programs offer families with students entering kindergarten through grade 12 the opportunity to choose from an array of theme-based curricula offerings at the elementary, middle, and high school levels that provide innovative and rigorous academic instruction by specially trained teachers. These programs provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers. Choice for Capacity are seats available beyond the offered Choice programs. If you are not interested in a Choice program, you may select Choice for Capacity on the Choice application.

What additional requirements are needed for my application?

Applicants requesting priority are required to submit the following documents:

  • Military Priority – Active duty orders
  • Foster Care Priority – Placement documents
  • Custody Priority – Court-ordered documents
  • Siblings – Name and date of birth of the sibling attending the requested Choice school
  • Employee Priority – Employee ID number, name of school/department and position
  • An additional application for admission, testing or audition is required for selected schools and programs.
Can I apply after the deadline?

Yes. The late application window is NOW open; however, late applications will not be included in the February 2024 Choice lottery, and may be considered only after all applicants in the wait pool have been assigned.

What is School Choice Florida?

The Florida Legislature recognizes the value of an educational system that provides numerous and meaningful options for students and their parents. School Choice Florida promotes and encourages parental involvement and ensures students have access to a school that meets their needs. As a result of House Bill 7029, students are able to transfer to any school in Osceola County with open seats based on current capacity. Osceola is at the forefront of the Choice movement.

Can I request Choice for the current school year?

Yes. Late Choice applications are received through the Spring of the current school year. If the school is currently at capacity, the application will be placed on a waiting list and considered once a seat becomes available. Applicants requesting a school with available seats will receive a choice acceptance letter via email. To apply, visit or

Can I select my child's school for the 2024-2025 school year?

Yes. The LATE Choice application is NOW open. Applying online is the most efficient way to submit your child's application. To apply, visit or

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