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Marketing, Sales, and Service

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This pathway introduces students to the concept of entrepreneurship, presents entrepreneurship as a viable career option, provides students with the skills needed to realistically evaluate their potential as business owners, and to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to start and operate a business.

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Kissimmee Elementary School - Innovation Diversity Opportunity (I DO), Dual Language

Kissimmee Elementary School is a high-performing educational institution designed to develop and nurture successful and independent critical thinkers through Innovation, Diversity and Opportunity (I Do). The ‘I DO’ initiative cultures the respect for our society’s diversity through innovative project-based and student-centered instruction. Students will learn about real world career pathways in the areas of the environment, philanthropy, journalism/media, government, and the health industry by creating opportunities to experience hands-on, interactive lessons that will create wonder and build pathways to future career choices. The school is a cohesive learning community that promotes the development of entrepreneurship skills in various real-life environments through enriched and rigorous learning within a diverse community where all children succeed.




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