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Osceola Virtual School

Osceola Virtual School (OVS) is the district's virtual school offering equitable access to a high-quality kindergarten through grade 12 program providing flexibility of time, location, and promoting the development of 21st Century skills.  This program of study is standards-based and individualized through the internet and other distance learning technologies. OVS includes a variety of assessment techniques that address various learning styles and intelligence types. Online learning through Osceola Virtual School enables students to assume responsibility and own their own learning, as well as self-discipline and independence. All courses offered are taught by highly qualified Florida certified teachers that provide regular online instruction, as well as face-to-face instruction or tutoring, depending on the students’ needs. OVS offers students part‐time and full-time enrollment opportunities. Students may also participate in sports, arts programs, and other recreational activities.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 2.0 Core Class GPA 
  • Proficiency Level on State Test Scores

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Marcia Clevenger

School Address:

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School Phone:

(407) 870-1445

School Fax:

(407) 870-1441
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What Makes Us Awe-sceola

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