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Neptune Middle School - Athletic Leadership, Digital Media and Broadcasting, Robotics - S.T.E.M., Performing Arts

“Excellence for all, whatever it takes”, the motto of Neptune Middle School (NPMS), reveals the commitment to providing quality education for all students.  This public school for grades six through eight continues to be a receptive, warm, and friendly school where all are welcomed and students are given a sense of belonging. NPMS believes that parental involvement improves student achievement, and is very conscious of parent-school communications.

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School Information


Thomas Radamacher

School Address:

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School Phone:

(407) 935-3500

School Fax:

(407) 935-3519
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What Makes Us Awe-sceola


Arts, AV Technology and Communication

  • Digital Media and Broadcasting

Business Management and Administration

  • Athletic Leadership

Engineering and Technology

  • STEM

Information Technology

  • Robotics
Innovative Elective Options
  • AVID Excel
  • Athletic Leadership
  • Digital Media & Broadcasting
  • Robotics/S.T.E.M
  • Performing Arts
High School Credit Offerings
  • Algebra I
  • Biology
  • Geometry
  • H.O.P.E. (Health Opportunities Through Physical Education)
  • Physical Science
  • Spanish 1 & 2
  • Pre-Ap World History and Geography
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • Theatre/Acting
  • Visual Arts
After School Sports
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Battle of the Books
  • Dance
  • Math Olympiad
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Robotics
  • Running Club
  • Science Fair
  • Seahawk News Network
  • STEM Club
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook

Awards & Achievements

Governor's Volunteer Award

Golden and Silver School Award

Blue Ribbon School

Five Star

Enrichment Awards:

All County or All State Chorus | Musical Performance Award | Marching Band Parade or Festival Invitation

Governor's Volunteer Award | Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Award

Faculty Awards:

Teacher of the Year | Support Person of the Year | Red Carpet Award

School Location
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St. Cloud Middle School - Gifted Studies; Environmental Science with a Focus on Fishing, and Performing Arts

St. Cloud Middle School strives to be a collaborative group of learners with student achievement being the first priority. The core beliefs of the school are to teach students how to lead by example, encourage others, always show respect, and exhibit dedication to excellence in all they do. By teaching these expectations and providing a solid and viable academic foundation, we are preparing our students to become productive servant leaders within their communities.




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Parkway Middle School - Information Technology and Hospitality and Tourism

Parkway Middle School prepares students to be global citizens. Students will be challenged to make connections to real-world situations and central themes to understand how our world is interconnected. Students take action through service learning in grade level and group projects to make a difference in our community. Parkway students have an opportunity to take high school credits during middle school, preparing them for rigorous high school classes. At Parkway, students will work on being communicators, thinkers, risk-takers, and inquirers, which are all attributes needed to be productive adults.




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Narcoossee Middle School - Leadership, AVID, Jazz and Technology

Narcoossee Middle School is an AVID National Demonstration School. The Narcoossee Middle School Community will empower stakeholders to relentlessly pursue success through collaboration, a growth mindset, and a safe environment. Our learners ill be entrusted with the skills necessary to excel in high school and beyond. Narcoossee Middle utilizes the tools of academics, the arts, athletics, exceptional student education, and a school-wide commitment to writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to produce well-rounded students that are prepared for high school and post-secondary education. Narcoossee Middle's pride is real and if you are fortunate enough to become a Black Bear then you will experience it for yourself.




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Osceola County School For The Arts

Osceola County School for the Arts (OCSA) is founded on the parallel learning and cross-disciplinary values of academic rigor and artistic enterprise. In addition to high-quality, classical training in their chosen arts area, our OCSA artists develop an innovative spirit and creative confidence from collaborative inquiry and performance-based learning.




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Canoe Creek K-8 - Environmental S.T.E.M.

Canoe Creek K8 is Osceola County's premier Environmental STEM school. Through a hands-on, minds-on approach to learning, students at CCK8 will develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for the 21st century. Our on-site nature preserve and gardens allow opportunities for student exploration and inquiry. The E-STEM focus at Canoe Creek K8 will prepare students for the future and give them tools to help build sustainable, informed communities that are environmentally sound. The school is a cohesive learning community in which students are given the opportunity to grow academically and emotionally. The staff is committed to providing an enriched and rigorous education through exploration within a diverse community where all children succeed beyond the K-12 system.




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